EIA for Beni Suef Sanitary Landfill


The governments of Egypt and Finland were jointly financing the Regional Water and Sanitation Project in Beni Suef Governorate. The Phase II- Component B of the project focused on enhancing solid waste management for Beba and El-Fashn cities of the governorate. The aim of this component was to clean the streets from the accumulated waste, improve public health, and provide proper disposal facilities for the waste through provision of a landfill facility.

Environics conducted an EIA, which included a comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework; detailed description of the proposed project; thorough baseline survey of the physical, biological, and social environments, as well as the existing solid waste management system; discussion of the significant environmental impacts; recommendation of environmental management and monitoring plans, and reporting on the public consultation and disclosure activities.

Environics also prepared a risk assessment study for the necessary transportation of the solid waste across the Nile and provided a detailed master plan for the project. The master plan included:
– Zoning of the components within the landfill site
– Description of the landfill cells in terms of liners, covering, leachate collection and treatment, and gas collection
– Drawings and designs
– General guidelines for landfill operation, management, and maintenance
– Preliminary cost estimate for the landfill construction

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