EIA and QRA for Baker Hughes Chemical Blending Facility, Amereya Free Zone, Alexandria

  • Baker Hughes was planning to convert an annex within their site, which served as a warehouse and analysis laboratory, into an extension that includes a blending and filling unit of chemical used for treatment of crude oil and drilling fluids in the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors.  The company commissioned Environics to carry out the EIA and QRA required for this project, which comprised: blending and filtration systems; a drums filling system; a hazardous wastes management system; raw materials and products storage and management inside the site, and service units (storage facilities, workshop, water softening unit, etc.).
  • According to the Egyptian laws and regulations, this project required a Form B EIA study.  To prepare the EIA, Environics reviewed the project design; conducted a preliminary field reconnaissance; compiled relevant environmental laws and regulations; held individual scoping meetings; collected data and conducted baseline environmental surveys to determine the physical, biological and socio-economic conditions; identified environmental aspects and impacts; analyzed project alternatives; assessed potential environmental impacts; developed mitigation measures for significant impacts, and prepared an environmental management plan.
  • To carry out the QRA, Environics identified the hazards and the hazardous scenarios associated with the project; conducted frequency assessment and consequence modeling; determined risk criteria, and assessed and calculated risk.  The QRA’s findings were addressed in the EIA.

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