EIA and QRA for Taurt Field Development Project – Phase 1

  • GUPCO was planning to develop Taurt Field, located in the east Nile Delta, within Ras El-Bar and Temsah concessions.
  • The development of the field was planned over three phases, targeting the execution of Phase 1 in 2007.
  • Environics was commissioned by GUPCO/BP to carry out the EIA for the construction, operation and decommissioning of three wells of Phase 1, as well as the QRA for the drilling phase.
  • The assignment entailed extensive oceanographic surveys, including hydrographic and hydrodynamic surveys, water and sediment quality sampling, and marine ecological surveys.
  • Public consultation meetings were also conducted as an integral part of the study.
  •  The QRA study comprised a description of the project and its processes; assessments of its hazard scenarios; consequence modeling results; impact assessment; likelihood data; risk assessment, evaluation, and recommended reduction measures, and uncertainty analysis.

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