EIA for Indorama Ammonia Production Facility


Indorama Egypt Petrochemicals Co. (IEPC) intended to relocate and operate a 1600 STPD liquid ammonia production plant in Damietta industrial free zone. The free zone is administratively under the jurisdiction of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI).

The main input to the process is Natural Gas from the Egyptian National Grid. The product is designated 100% for export to the international markets. IEPC commissioned Environics to carry out the EIA for the project.

Environics conducted document reviews and site investigations to prepare the EIA, which assessed the environmental impacts associated with the relocation and operation of the ammonia plant. The EIA included:
– Description of the local regulatory framework governing the project;
– Description of the project, its production processes, and the expected wastes and emissions;
– Detailed baseline investigations covering: climate; air quality; soil quality; groundwater resources; noise; geomorphology; seismic activity; terrestrial ecology; landscape; and socio-economic environment;
– Discussion of the alternatives to the project’s components, such as: location; production technology, and routing of export lines;
– Assessment of the environmental impacts of the project and its proposed alternatives, which involved atmospheric dispersion modeling of emissions to predict the expected levels at the different sensitive receptor surrounding the facility;
– Environmental management and monitoring plan for the project, and
– Briefing and presentation of the scoping and public consultation activities and their results.

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