EIA for Kapci Coatings Facility at 10th of Ramadan Industrial City

  • Kapci Coatings Co. intends to establish a new facility to increase its production capacity within the expansion area of 10th of Ramadan Industrial City.
  • The company commissioned Environics to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the project in order to satisfy the environmental legal requirements and obtain EEAA’s environmental approval.
  • Environics Scope of Work encompassed: reviewing and studying the provided data, conducting a field visit to the site to identify the surrounding activities and the basic environmental features, as well as holding an individual meeting with EEAA’s EIA Central Department.
  • A Scoped (B) EIA study was prepared including: an introduction on the proposed project and the scope and objectives of the study, the project’s legal and administrative framework, description of the project (operations, utilities and service units, inputs and outputs, description of the construction phase, number and sources of manpower), description of the baseline environment in the project area, analysis of alternatives, assessment of the potential environmental impacts from the different activities during the construction and operation phases and the proposed mitigation measures, as well as development of the general outline for the Environmental Management and Self-Monitoring Plan of the proposed project.

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