EIA for Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Line at Abu Zaabal Landfill, Qaliubeya

  • Geocycle Egypt intends to install a mobile sorting line for municipal solid wastes at the existing Abu Zaabal landfill, Qaliubeya.  The sorted municipal solid wastes of high calorific value will be transported to Geocycle facility (Refuse Derived Fuel, RDF Platform) in Qaliubeya, away from the landfill, for further processing to produce alternative fuel, via Geocycle transportation trucks. The waste’ rejects will be dumped in Abu Zaabal landfill.
  • The proposed project is of Environmental, Socio-Economic importance as it will:
    • Reduce the amount of waste accumulated in Abu Zaabal landfill which causes health and social problems for the residents of the area.
    • Provide an alternative fuel from wastes, and that reduces the use of fossil fuel.
    • Encourage waste recycling policy.
    • Comply with the governorate’s plans that aim at closure of Abu Zaabal Landfill as a result of its fullness and complaints of the area residents.
    • Reduce the significant negative environmental impacts of waste accumulation on soil and groundwater in the area, and thus reduce environmental degradation.
  • Geocycle Egypt commissioned Environics to prepare a scoped (B) EIA study for the project.
  • Environics reviewed the project’s relevant Information, conducted a field visit to determine the site-specific characteristics, and prepared the study which encompassed: project background, and framework and objectives of the study, description of the project (in the operation phase as it doesn’t entail a construction phase), inputs and outputs, summary of the national legal requirements and maximum allowable limits of the relevant environmental aspects, analysis of proposed project alternatives, description of the baseline environment in the project area and its surrounding, assessment of potential environmental impacts and proper mitigation measures, in addition to the general framework for the environmental management and monitoring plan.

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