EIA for New Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) Cracking Unit within EPC Plant, Amereya, Alexandria

  • The Egyptian Petrochemicals Company (EPC) intends to install a new EDC unit to replace the existing unit within its plant in Amereya, Alexandria.  The project is of great importance to the company, as the capacity of the new unit will increase.  It will also improve the environmental performance of the company and save energy and water consumption.  Moreover, the project will introduce modern technologies to the company.
  • ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions commissioned Environics to prepare a full EIA study with a public consultation meeting (PC).
  • Environics carried out a literature review, conducted a field visit to the project site to determine the site specific characteristics and its surroundings, and prepared the study which encompassed: an introduction on the project, scope and objectives of the study, the relevant legal and administrative framework, description of the project including industrial processes, inputs, outputs, the environmental aspects associated with the project construction and operation, description of the baseline environment, analysis of project alternatives, assessment of environmental impacts and proper mitigation measures, as well as a general framework for the environmental management and monitoring plan.
  • Moreover, a public consultation (PC) meeting was held to present and discuss the summary of the EIA study with the project stakeholders, and take relevant opinions into consideration.

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