EIA for Siemens Maintenance Service Center in SIDC Area, Ain Sokhna

  • Siemens Technologies was in the process of establishing a Maintenance Service Center within (SIDC) industrial area, Ain Sokhna, Suez Governorate, consisting of the following components:
    • Maintenance facilities.
    • Administrative building.
    • Tanks for Liquid Chemical Materials.
    • Warehouses and containers yard.
    • Service Units (utilities).
  • The main purpose of the project was maintenance activities of Siemens equipment (turbines, motors, rotors, etc.) operated in their power plants.
  • Siemens commissioned Environics to prepare a Scoped-B EIA study  for the proposed Services Center.
  • The study provided: a description of the project, its scope & objectives, a description of the baseline environment in the project area (the physical environment, the biological environment, and the socio-economic environment), and a summary of the environmental laws and regulations relevant to the project.  Moreover, project alternatives were discussed, potential environmental impacts were assessed during the project’s construction and operation phases using Leopold Matrix, and measures were recommended to mitigate these impacts. In addition, the general outline for the Management & Monitoring plan was provided.

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