EIA for SolarizEgypt PV Plant, Al Montazah Co. for Tourism & Investment, Sharm El Sheikh

  • SolarizEgypt Co. was planning to construct a 2.8 MW photovoltaic (PV) power plant within the service area (Desalination and Wastewater Treatment Plants) of Al Montazah Co. for Tourism & Investment in Sharm El Sheikh, in order to feed the company’s internal grid with electricity as clean and renewable energy and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, which is considered an outstanding experience in operating Desalination and Wastewater Treatment Plants in Egypt.
  • An agreement was made between SolarizEgypt and Al Montazah Co. for Tourism & Investment to sell the electricity produced from the PV plant to be used in the operation activities of the desalination plant, or sell the surplus by clearing system from the electricity bill.
  • SolarizEgypt commissioned Environics to prepare the project’s EIA study.
  • Environics reviewed project documents, and conducted a reconnaissance site visit to have  a clearer vision of site-specific characteristics.
  • The EIA study was prepared, encompassing: description of the project, its components and different phases, analysis of alternatives, description of the baseline environment in the project area, description of the relevant legal, legislative and administrative framework, assessment of the potential environmental impacts and proper mitigation measures, as well as the environmental management & monitoring plan.

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