EIA for the Ammonium Sulphate Plant in Zaafarana

  • The National Company for Ammonium Sulphate, owned by (EFC), had intended to establish a plant at the Industrial Zone of Zaafarana, Suez.
  • The plant was to produce crystallized Ammonium Sulphate fertilizer, of which 75% was to be exported through north eastern Egyptian harbours, and 25% to be distributed to the local market.
  • The EIA covered the construction and operation phases of the project’s components: the industrial processes for production of Ammonium Sulphate, the supply line of concentrated Sulphuric Acid from Suez Company for Manufacturing Fertilizers, and the service units, including storage facilities, cooling tower, and workshops.
  • The EIA comprised an individual study of accumulative mathematical modeling of air dispersion, which presented the model and the results of its application, which showed and analyzed the air quality situation prior to the project, its expected particulate emissions, and the accumulative emissions of the existing facilities and the proposed project.

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