EIA for Rooftop Solar Cells (1 MW) within Nissan plant in 6th of October City

  • Nissan Motor Egypt is constructing photovoltaic solar cells (capacity of 1 MW) on the rooftops of some warehouses within its plant located in the industrial area of 6th of October.  The cells will be connected with the current electricity system (without transmission lines or transformers) and the generated power will be used for the operation of the plant.
  • Nissan Motor Egypt commissioned Environics to prepare an EIA – Form (B) for the proposed project in order to satisfy the Egyptian environmental regulations and obtain EEAA approval to complete the operation licensing procedures through the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EEUCPR).
  • Environics scope of work encompassed: reviewing the project’s relevant documents and conducting a field visit to the project’s site.  The study report was prepared and included the following: description of the project, components and design, supported with layout and drawings, the project’s different phases, the proposed alternatives for the location, the relevant laws and regulations, description of the baseline environment, assessment of potential environmental impacts and appropriate mitigation measures, as well as the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan.
  • Moreover, Environics provided Technical Support to the company during EEAA review.

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