EIA for Seismic Acquisition over Part of West El Fayoum (WEF) Concession in the Western Desert

  • Environics was commissioned by a consortium of Cheiron Petroleum Corporation and Capricorn Egypt Ltd. to prepare an EIA Form-B for a three-dimensional (3D) seismic acquisition over part of West El Fayoum (WEF) concession in the Western Desert of Egypt, with the purpose to acquire and interpret seismic data so as to identify geological features below the ground that may contain oil or gas deposits.
  • Environics prepared the EIA Form-B in accordance with the environmental legal requirements of Egypt, mainly Law 4/1994 on the environment, amended by Law 9/2009 and its modified Executive Regulations (ERs), National Guidelines for Oil and Gas, as well as international conventions to which Egypt is party.
  • The scope of work entailed: reviewing project information, desktop studies and satellite images, as well as conducting a site visit to collect information concerning the environmental features of the project site and its surroundings.
  • The study included: general description of the project area and the different project phases, compilation of the relevant Environmental Laws and Regulations, description of the baseline information in terms of: physical, biological, and socio-economic environments, analysis of project alternatives, assessment of the potential environmental impacts and their significance before and after the recommendation of the appropriate mitigation measures, as well as an environmental management and monitoring plan framework, including allocation of responsibilities, identification of requirements and arrangements needed to implement the mitigation measures and monitoring programs.
  • Moreover, Environics provided technical support during EEAA review period of the Form-B EIA.

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