EIA for Signal Cable Beneath the Nile River in Banha

  • Within the framework of the plans of Egyptian National Railways (ENR) to develop and modernize the signal systems on train lines of the different governorates, ENR intends to pass 2 signal railways cables beneath the Nile River at Damietta branch in Banha City.
  • ENR contracted Thales International Egypt to carry out the drilling and cable routing in the project area. These cables will be connected to the existing signal system along the railway line (Cairo – Alexandria) which passes the Cairo-Benha road.
  • Environics was commissioned to prepare an EIA study for the proposed project (B – Scoped Study) in accordance with the requirements of EEAA EIA Procedures Manual (2010).
  • Environics undertook a field visit to the project area, and prepared the study that comprised the construction and operation phases, and included the following components:
  • Digging two parallel tunnels using the Horizontal Directed Drilling method which is the ideal drilling method as the open drilling won’t be possible due to the presence of roads and the Nile River (Damietta Branch) at the project site.
  • The drilling will commence and end on the ground (The Eastern and Western Banks of Damietta Branch in Banha City).
  • The drilling path will pass beneath the Nile (Damietta Branch) at Banha City.
  • Passing (2) cables inside the above-mentioned two tunnels to transmit the signals of the Cairo – Alexandria railway line.
  • The study provided the following: description of the project, its activities, components, and different phases, the applicable administrative and legal framework, description of the baseline environment of the project site and area, analysis of alternatives, assessment of the potential environmental impacts and proper mitigation measures, as well as the framework for the Environmental Management and Monitoring plan.
  • In addition, a HAZID assessment will be carried out for all phases of preparation, planning, drilling processes as well as pipeline installation works before starting the implementation of the project.

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