EIA for the construction of a Photovoltaic Power Plant (6.85 MW) within the facility of JUSHI Egypt for Fiberglass in Ain Sokhna

  • ENARA SOKHNA SOLAR ENERGY commissioned Environics to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the construction of a photovoltaic (PV) power plant (6.85 MW max. capacity) within the facility of JUSHI Egypt for Fiberglass located in Sokhna.
  • The three most appropriate rooftops (warehouses / trusses) have been identified within Jushi plant for the installation of solar cells, in order to obtain a clean and renewable source of electric energy to operate the plant’s activities, and contribute in reducing carbon dioxide emissions resulting from burning fossil fuels.
  • The scope of work included: reviewing the available documents including: project design, specifications, approvals, etc., as well as conducting a Site Reconnaissance visit to project area to have a clearer vision of the site-specific characteristics.
  • The study, that was prepared in accordance with the Egyptian Environmental Legal requirements, encompassed: project’s general background, objectives and scope of the study, description of project components during the different phases: construction, operation and decommissioning, as well as the project’s time frame.  In addition, the relevant legal, regulatory and administrative framework, and the baseline environment in the project area were described, the alternatives were analyzed, the potential environmental impacts were assessed and the proper mitigation measures were recommended, and the framework of the Environmental Management and Monitoring plan was developed.

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