EIA for the Installation of PV Solar Panels (Capacity of 362 KW) within L’Oréal Plant 10th of Ramadan City

  • L’Oréal Cosmetics Industry was planning to generate electricity from solar energy by installing Photovoltaic Panels (Capacity of 362 KW) within the company site located at Pyramids Industrial area, 10th of Ramadan City.  The generated electricity will be used in the operation of the existing plant.
  • The company commissioned Environics to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed project.
  • The scope of work entailed: a review of relevant information, a field visit to the project site and the preparation of Form (B) EIA encompassing:  a general description of the project including: location, activities, components, different phases (construction, operation & decommissioning), the site’s proposed alternatives, summary of the relevant laws and legislations, the associated environmental aspects, assessment of environmental impacts and the proper mitigation measures, as well as the framework  of the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan.
  • Moreover, description of the current environmental baseline at the project area (physical, biological and socio-economic environment) was provided using the different sources of information, including: published reports and studies and latest data (Meteorological data from the global climate database “Méteoblue”, and Socio-economic data as per CAPMAS and the New Urban Communities Authority, and so on), as well as field observations and photographs during the visit to the project site.
  • The specifications of the wastewater and/or industrial treatment plant located within L’Oréal factory were presented, and the results of the latest environmental measurements conducted for L’Oréal Cosmetics by an accredited Lab, were incorporated into the study report.
  • Technical support was also provided during the study review period by EEAA.

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