EIA for the Drilling of Mocha-1 Exploration Well, Eastern Nile Delta

  • BP Egypt was in process of initiating a new project (The Mocha-1 exploration well) that comprised a well-site and a drilling operations supporting campsite for exploration of hydrocarbon resources at the El Matariya Concession in the Nile Delta area. The proposed project will cover the area of Dakahleya (well site) and Damietta (campsite) governorates.
  • According to the Egyptian guidelines, the Mocha-1 exploration well required a Category-B EIA study.
  • Environics was commissioned to undertake this study which included a baseline study based on extensive literature review, and the data collected and analyzed through the visit to the project site.
  • Moreover, it included a description of the relevant environmental laws and regulations, as well as an assessment of potential impacts of the project activities during construction and operation phases.  It also recommended appropriate mitigation measures for each impact, and provided the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan.

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