EIA for the Emissions Control System of the Egyptian Glass Company (EGC – Guardian)

  • Environics was assigned by the Egyptian Glass Company (EGC-Guardian) to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Emissions Control System (ECS).  As per EEAA, the project required a scoped EIA study.
  • The objective of the EIA was to identify and evaluate the environmental impacts associated with construction and operation of the proposed ECS unit, within its area of influence (EGC plant in 10th of Ramadan industrial area).
  • The EIA addressed the components and activities of the proposed project, included a description of the environmental baseline conditions of the project area, and identified relevant applicable laws & regulations.
  • In addition, it evaluated the project’s potential environmental & social impacts and identified ways for improving environmental performance by preventing, minimizing, & mitigating adverse impacts and enhancing positive impacts.
  • Furthermore, the EIA  addressed the following:
    • Safe storage and handling of the materials used in emissions treatment.
    • Spill/leaks prevention & contingency measures.
    • Emergency measures of the project.
  • It also included evaluation of the compliance status of the EGC plant based on the latest environmental measurements.

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