EIA for the Sanitary Landfill in 15th May


The Egyptian Company for Solid Waste Recycling (ECARU) was in the process of establishing an engineered sanitary landfill, to be located South of the 15th May City. The proposed landfill was an integrated component of a solid waste management project aiming at the treatment and disposal of solid waste material collected from eight districts of the South Cairo Zone. It was to be operated in conjunction with the already existing composting facilities nearby and was to mainly accommodate inert and minimal organic matter content solid wastes.

Environics carried out filed surveys and desktop studies to develop the EIA, which covered:
– Relevant national and international laws and regulations
– Review and collection of baseline information, which included the physical, biological, and social environments
– Project’s description and processes, which comprised:
o Anticipated wastes characteristics
o Disposal cells design and orientation
o Proposed liner system
o Proposed leachate and gas collection and disposal systems
o Proposed final cover and drainage collection system
o Utilities and infrastructure
– Field surveys, such as Geotechnical Surveying; Hydrogeological Surveying; Ambient Air Baseline Monitoring; Noise Baseline Measurement; and Terrestrial Ecology Surveying
– Assessment of potential impacts
– Management plan

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