EIA Studies and ESMP for National Port Said Steel (NPSS) plant and its extensions in Ain Sokhna



  • Environics was commissioned to prepare an ESIA study for National Port Said Steel (NPSS) plant located in SIDC industrial area, Ain Sokhna.
  • The study covered the construction & operation phases of the following: consteel System; smelting unit; continuous casting machine and rolling mill, and fume treatment plant.
  • ESIA included: analysis of project alternatives, which entailed examining alternative locations & project technologies; preparing the environmental management and monitoring plan, and reporting on public consultation.


  • Environics prepared the Environmental and Social Appraisal and the Environmental & Social Management Plan (ESMP) for the proposed expansion to double the capacity of the current steel plant in Sokhna.
  • The appraisal was prepared based on a thorough analysis and assessment of potential risks and impacts to help the International Financing Institutions identify the applicable performance standards (PRs) related to the project in hand.
  • The appraisal was based on recent information of the project, including description of the activities and scope of NPSS expansion, social and environmental baseline data as well as the applicable Environmental laws and regulations relevant to the project.
  • The study evaluated the project’s potential environmental and social impacts in its area of influence; identified ways of improving environmental performance during its different stages by preventing, minimizing, mitigating or compensating for adverse environmental impacts and enhancing positive impacts.
  • An air dispersion modelling study was carried out to assess project’s impacts on the surrounding environment. In addition, the Environmental Management & Monitoring plan was prepared.


  • Environics prepared a Scoped-B EIA study for proposed extension in the same plant in Ain Sokhna.
  • The study provided a description of the environment (natural, biological, and social) in the project area, as well as phases of the project.  It also reviewed the proposed alternatives to the project site and provided a list of environmental laws applicable to the proposed project, the maximum levels of relevant environmental aspects, and an assessment of potential environmental impacts, as well as the environmental management plan to mitigate or prevent these impacts.

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