ESIA and long term technical support for the Sukari Mine Project

  • Comprehensive ESIA developed according to the Equator Principles.
  • Individual baselines reports were prepared for the physical environment, biodiversity, archaeological ruins of the area, as well as social assessment.
  • Detailed EMP that addressed the impacts and risks.
  • ESIA also comprised community support projects that were to lay the basis for a detailed community development plan.
  • Long term technical support to the project during its construction – onshore and offshore works – and development phases.
  • Development of a number of addenda for the ESIA focusing on individual components, such as: expansion of the power plant, and establishment of a direct water intake and a waste incinerator.
  • Technical support also covered the implementation of the HSEMS and plans.
  • Follow-up on the construction plan to include mitigation measures in construction activities and practices, as well as providing continuous training and awareness for the employees.
  • Securing permits and approvals related to construction and establishment of project components, as well as use of material


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