ESIA for 10th of Ramadan Robaiky-Belbais Freight Line

  • The 10th of Ramadan Robaiky Belbais Freight Line railway is to connect the shifted Cairo-Suez Railway and the Cairo-Zagazig Railway through East Cairo industrial park, providing transportation service for Suez port and Ismailia.
  • Environics was commissioned to carry out the EIA required for this project according to the Egyptian Law 4/1994 and its regulations, as well as international guidelines for environmental and social considerations.
  • The scope of the EIA included the pre-construction, construction and operation of the railway, stations and structures, along with the associated utilities. The EIA covered:
    • Description of the project and associated works, together with the requirements for carrying out the proposed development;
    • Identification and description of the elements of the environment likely to be affected by the proposed development;
    • Establishment of the baseline environment of the project area;
    • Identification and assessment of the harmful and beneficial environmental impacts of the project;
    • Proposal of mitigation measures to lessen the negative impacts of the project;
    • Proposal of a monitoring plan during construction and operation to aid impact management and improve mitigation;
    • Public participation and consultation.

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