ESIA for a 50 MW PV Project in El-Gouna, Hurghada

  • The location of this project, which was to be implemented by Beltone Capital Red Sea Ventures Solar Energy, was in a desert area along Cairo-Hurghada Road, including mainly tourist development projects and tourist facilities on the water front.
  • The ESIA scope covered the construction, operation, decommissioning phases, waste management & public engagement activities.
  • The ESIA included detailed baseline studies covering air quality and noise and flash flood impacts, as well as socio-economic aspects.
  • The ESIA was carried out in accordance with Egyptian environmental law and regulations, as well as those of the international funding institutions including specifically the Performance Requirements (PR) of The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Performance Standards (PS) of International Finance Cooperation (IFC).
  • The ESIA also took into consideration the General Specifications of TOTAL regarding the Environmental Baseline Study and Sensitivity Assessment & the Environmental Impact Assessment.

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