ESIA for Gabal El-Behar East-1 Exploratory Well, offshore Damietta

  • BP Egypt was in process of drilling Gabal El Behar (GEB) East-1 exploratory well, which is located in the BP-operated North Damietta Offshore Concession of the East Nile Delta Development Project.
  • According to the Egyptian guidelines this project requires a Category-B EIA study.
  • Additionally, BP Egypt is committed to its own guidelines, which require assessing the project environmentally and socially, which involves more detailed studies.
  • The ESIA’s baseline study for this project involved extensive document reviews and relying on the data and knowledge Environics collected and analyzed through its previous work in the project’s immediate area.
  • This was a comprehensive study that thoroughly presented the biodiversity of the project’s area, the physical conditions, and the human profile and activities.
  • The ESIA discussed the onshore and offshore resource requirements, wastes, emissions, and discharges.
  • The study assessed project’s environmental impacts and recommended appropriate mitigation measures; analyzed the project’s alternatives, and provided an environmental management and monitoring plan.

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