ESIA for Saudi German Hospital Alexandria (SGH Alex)

  • Saudi German Hospitals Group (SGH), an emerging group from Humania Capital (DIFC) Ltd., is considered the largest private healthcare provider in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.
  • As part of SGH expansion plan, Humania was in the process of constructing a new hospital in Alex West Compound (SGH Alex Project), Alexandria, Egypt, and commissioned Environics to prepare an ESIA study for the project.
  • The ESIA was prepared according to the Performance Standards (PSs) (2012) and Guidelines for the Healthcare Facilities (2007) issued by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). It addressed all components of the hospital including the different departments and service units, and assessed project activities during construction and operation phases.
  • Environics conducted a site visit, reviewed all the relevant documents and satellite images, and prepared the study that encompassed the following: description of the project, summary of the Egyptian legislation, regulations and IFC standards and guidelines relevant to the environmental and social aspects of SGH Alex project, description of the baseline environment, analysis of alternatives, as well as assessment of environmental impacts and the suitable mitigation measures. Moreover, the project’s Environmental Management and Periodic Monitoring Plan was developed to ensure the sound environmental performance.

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