ESIA for Shell Deep Water 3D Seismic Surveys

  • Environics was commissioned by Shell Egypt (SENV) to prepare an ESIA Study (Form-B) for the 3D Seismic Surveys planned for the entire Blocks of North El Fanar, North Ras El Tin and North Sidi Gaber offshore of the Nile Delta and for the Blocks of North Cleopatra and North Marina in the Herodotus Basin. The project is part of a larger exploration program, where seismic surveys may be followed by exploratory wells, in case of success.
  • Environics scope of work entails preparing a Form-B ESIA, meeting the national standards and regulations, as well as EGAS and SENV requirements. The ESIA encompasses:
    • Project description and relevant regulatory framework;
    • Review of previous reports and studies, and refining their information through analysis of satellite images;
    • Collecting detailed physical, biological and socio-economic baseline data covering the Egyptian part of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea;
    • Preparing Specialist Inputs dealing with (1) Marine biodiversity; (2) Fisheries management; and (3) Noise assessment;
    • Conducting remote consultation with EGAS and EEAA;
    • Discussing project alternatives; identifying and assessing potential environmental and social impacts, and identifying the required actions needed to mitigate negative environmental and social impacts;
    • Environmental & Social Management Plan framework, including required monitoring measures; and
    • Providing Technical Support during EEAA Review.

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