ESIA Study for Land Reclamation and Cultivation of 181,180 feddans of beets for Sugar Production, Minya Governorate

  • Canal Sugar Company was implementing an integrated investment project in West Minya that included reclamation of desert lands for the cultivation of 181,180 feddans of beets needed for the production of sugar in addition to other crops.
  • Canal Sugar commissioned Environics to conduct a full-fledged EIA study Category “C” including construction and operation phases as well as stakeholders’ consultation.  The firm has previously prepared the project’s Scoping report.
  • Environics prepared the study according to national and international guidelines.  It took into account AfDB & IFC guidelines and operational safeguards, as well as AfDB comments on the Scoping Report.
  • Intensive desktop review was carried out and a field visit took place to refine & supplement information on project site & nearby sensitivities
  • The ESIA report encompassed: study objectives, scope of work, project description, and summary of environmental legislations relevant to the project including both national and international regulations (conventions, IFC Performance standards, as well as AfDB Operational Safeguards), in addition to environmental and social baseline study.
  • Project alternatives were evaluated, impacts were assessed, and proper mitigation measures were provided taking into consideration the performance standards of the IFC as well as project specific guidelines for crop production and AfDB guidance notes.  Also, the Environmental Management & Monitoring plan was developed.
  • As per AfDB comments, issues raised by the AfDB concerning biological impacts and impacts of greenhouse gases, as well as components such as: fertilizer application & wastes management were investigated and adequately addressed in the ESIA.
  • More detailed stakeholders’ consultation disclosure activities were carried out.  A Comprehensive list of project stakeholders, results of individual and public consultations, as well as stakeholder engagement plan were provided.

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