ESIA Study for ENEL Wind Power Project in Ras Gharib

  • Enel Green Power Egypt (EGP) commissioned Environics to prepare the ESIA study required for the 50 MW Wind Energy Project in Ras Gharib in accordance with Egyptian legislation as well as the requirements of IFIs, specifically the Performance Standards of the IFC.
  • The scope of work entailed developing environmental studies, including fieldwork, with the purpose of investigating the environmental characteristics of the project’s area of influence, as well as ways of improving the project’s environmental performance during its different stages. This encompassed both environmental and socio-economic aspects.
  • Moreover, Environics carried out the Ecological study needed for the project.
  • Environics based the Ecology Report on both desk studies and field surveys of the project area, its surroundings and wider area.  The surveys were extensive and intensive covering the habitats, flora and fauna.  An assessment of the potential species occurring in the project area was also carried out.  Moreover, the report evaluated the biodiversity value.

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