ESIA Study for the Construction & Operation of International Yacht Marina at Abu Suma Bay, Safaga

  • Within the scope of the tourism development project at Suma Bay, Travco Group was in the process of establishing an international tourism yachts marina, as a newly introduced component of the project. The company had already acquired the approval on the environmental and social impact assessment studies carried out by Environics for the integrated tourism project and a number of its components. The company commissioned Environics to carry out the ESIA for this new component, as required by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) and the Tourism Development Authority (TDA).
  • The study entailed carrying out literature review, as well as review of previous studies and site visits and investigations. The ESIA covered the construction and operation phases of the project, which comprised the following components: Marina basin dredging and construction, as well as dredging waste disposal; Constructing breakwaters; Sedimentation ponds; Mooring system, Jetty; Process of moving boats to land, as well as all marina infrastructure and utilities.
  • The study comprised:
    • Description of the legislative framework.
    • Detailed description of the project’s construction and operation phases, covering its construction studies; all infrastructure components; master plan; utilities, services, etc.
    • Baseline physical, biological and socio-economic conditions.
    • Analysis of project alternatives.
    • Assessment of environmental and social impacts of the project.
    • Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan.

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