ESIA/EIA studies for Egyptian Steel – IIC Factory in Beni Suef



ESIA for Egyptian Steel – IIC factory in Beni Suef

  • Egyptian Steel – IIC was planning to establish a steel factory for manufacturing billets and steel rebar from scrap iron in Beni Suef industrial zone.
  • The ESIA covered the construction and operation phases of the project components.
  • The ESIA entailed description of the project’s baseline environment:
    • Physical environment: climate; air quality and noise; geology; hydrology; hydrogeology; groundwater quality; stratigraphy & geological risks.
    • Biological environment: flora and fauna
    • Socio-economic environment: population, health services, education, unemployment, tourism, infrastructure, economic activity & cultural heritage.
  • Air dispersion modeling was carried out to determine the effects of the potential emissions on the project area.


EIA for Water Intake from the Nile River stream

  • Environics prepared an EIA study – Form (B) for the new project to establish a water intake from the River Nile stream for the direct and indirect cooling processes required for iron manufacture.  The company already obtained an environmental permission to use a water intake nearby the current factory, as well as an authorization from the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation to use the needed amount of water.
  • The project included a pumping station and an intake pipe to extend for 7 Km.
  • The EIA included a description of the project’s operation and construction phases, a discussion of project alternatives, the relevant legislations, as well as an environmental management plan.

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