ESIAs for Al-Haditha Fodder and Vegetable Oil Refining Facility, and Poultry and Protein Fish Fodder Facility, Sadat City

  • Al-Haditha Company, one of Al-Wadi Group Holding companies, was in the process of establishing these facilities.
  • The EIA for the poultry and protein fish fodder facility covered the construction and operation phases.
  • The study comprised an analysis of the proper management and environmental impacts of the project’s air emissions, industrial wastewater, and liquid and solid wastes.
  • The study also discussed the project’s alternatives and presented an environmental management plan.
  • The ESIA for the fodder and vegetable oil refining and packaging covered the construction and operation phases, as well as the industrial wastewater treatment and disposal, and the storage of raw materials and products.
  • The study employed mathematical air dispersion modeling to assess the impacts of the project’s emissions of the air quality.
  • The study report demonstrated the results of the interagency coordination and public consultation activities.

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