ESIAs for over Ten PV Power Plants (50 MW and 20 MW) within Benban Solar Park, Aswan

  • The Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) has awarded a number of International and Egyptian investors including: Scatec Solar, Orascom, SP Energy, Gestamp Solar, Lekela Egypt, Adenium Capital, Nubian for Renewable Energy Co., ARC for Renewable Energy Co., Al Tawakol Solar, X-Elio SAE, and E-Nara the rights to build and operate PV plants on allotted pieces of land inside a PV power plant park (1740 MW of AC) in Benban, Aswan. The park is to function under a Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme, and NREA is responsible for the infrastructure required to connect the plants to the national grid.
  • Environics was commissioned to carry out the ESIA studies required for a number of PV plants, covering the construction, operation, decommissioning phases, waste management & public engagement activities.
  • The ESIAs were carried out in accordance with Egyptian environmental law and regulations, as well as the requirements and standards of the international funding institutions, specifically those of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the International Finance Cooperation (IFC).
  • The studies included: ecological surveys,  detailed baseline studies covering air quality and noise, and flash flood impacts as well as socio-economic studies.

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