Preliminary ESIA (PESIA) for ENJAZ Integrated Petrochemical Complex, SC-Zone

  • ENJAZ Project Management (EPM), an Egyptian supplier and service provider in energy and heavy industries markets, was in the process of establishing and operating an Integrated Petrochemical Complex (EIPC) within Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCEZ) in Sokhna.
  • Fluor Enterprises Inc., one of the world’s largest firms for engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and maintenance, was undertaking the preparation of the project’s feasibility study to be sponsored by U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), and commissioned Environics to prepare the project’s preliminary environmental and social impact assessment study (PESIA).
  • The PESIA was prepared in accordance with the Egyptian laws and regulations and IFC guidelines and performance standards, as well as the environmental and social policy statement of Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).
  • Environics reviewed relative project documents, used satellite imaging and GIS system to describe the baseline environment, and undertook comprehensive review of the international best practices and guidelines of the petrochemicals industry to provide alternatives of the project technology, environmental management and mitigation measures.  Furthermore, the firm conducted a field visit to gather site-specific information.
  • The PESIA encompassed: description of the project, its production units, processes, inputs and outputs, and phases (construction and operation), the relevant regulatory framework and international standards, as well as description of the baseline environment including: physical environment, biodiversity aspects, and socio-economic characteristics, based on the published data and statistics of formal entities.
  • Project alternatives were analyzed, and the preliminary impact assessment was carried out depending on the conceptual design as well as the preliminary identified environmental and social aspects of the project.
  • Stakeholders were preliminary identified based on an analysis of the institutional, legal and administrative framework of the project as well as on the project location.  An outline of the preliminary environmental and social management and monitoring plan was developed.
  • Community engagement, as well as Conclusion and Recommendations were provided.

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