Scoped EIA Study for the construction and operation of Biogas Research Unit

  • Towards a Clean Environment and Sustainable Energy” Project, funded by the European Union and the German Government, and implemented by Sawiris Foundation for Environmental Development in cooperation with the Arabic Academy for Science & Technology, was in the process of establishing a research unit for the production of biogas from the wastes of the cafeteria inside the faculty of Agriculture in Cairo University.  The Biogas unit will be owned by the Faculty of Agriculture which will be in charge of its operation and the usage of the produced Biogas.
  • Environics was commissioned by Sawiris Foundation to prepare a Scoped (B) EIA study for the Biogas Research Unit for Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.
  • The scope of the study included Environmental Impact assessment for the construction and operation phases and addressed the proposed measures to mitigate potential environmental impacts.
  • The study encompassed: project introduction and objectives of the study, the legal and administrative framework relevant to the project, description of the project, inputs and outputs, description of the baseline environment in the project area, project’s proposed alternatives, assessment of the potential environmental impacts and the proposed mitigation measures, as well as the general outline for the project’s Environmental Management & Self-Monitoring Plan.

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