Scoped ESIA for OTL and Transformer Substation (500/220 KV), Gulf of Suez

  • Lekela Power was prequalified for a 250MW Wind Project from the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy to operate within the BOO scheme.
  • Environics was commissioned by Lekela Egypt, on behalf of EETC, to carry out a Scoped-B ESIA for the construction and operation of Ras Ghareb 30 Km Overhead Transmission Line (OTL) and associated transformer substation (S4 500/220 KV) with the purpose of connecting Lekela BOO wind farm 250 MW to the existing Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) Ras Ghareb Substation 500/220 KV.
  • The ESIA intended to satisfy the environmental legal requirements of the Egyptian Environmental Law, amendments and executive regulations, as well as the EEAA (Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency) guidelines for EIAs issued 2009.
  • Moreover, the study aimed at satisfying the environmental requirements of the international funding institutions including specifically the Performance Standards (PS) of International Finance Cooperation (IFC).
  • The ESIA report encompassed: background on the project as well as scope and objectives of the study.  It described the local regulatory framework as well as the IFC Performance Standards applicable to the project activities.  The study also provided a description of the intended project construction and operation phases as well as the baseline environment of the project area.  It analyzed project alternatives, assessed the potential environmental impacts and their mitigation measures, and developed the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan.

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