Technical support for Organo fodder production

  • Organo fodder facility, which is located at the Industrial Developers Zone of Engineering Square (E2), had submitted an EIA Form-B study to EEAA requesting approval for its activities.  EEAA denied approval to the facility because of assumed incompatibility with neighbouring industrial activities.  The Industrial Developers Group (IDG) commissioned Environics to investigate the case and provide technical support on submitting a grievance to EEAA in case re-examination of the EIA decision was required.
  • Environics visited the project site to investigate its activities and processes, determine whether there were reciprocal negative environmental impacts with the adjacent facilities, and evaluate the degree of such potential impacts.  Environics then submitted a technical report, which presented the industrial zone and the activities it hosts; described the project, detailing its industrial processes, service units and environmental impacts; and analyzed the potential reciprocal environmental impacts with the adjacent facilities.

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