EIA for a PV Plant on the rooftop of MCV Company in Qaliubeya

  • IRSC for Production and Sale of Electricity was planning to construct 993.3 KW photovoltaic (PV) power plant over the buildings’ rooftops of MCV – Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles plant in Obour City, El Qaliubeya, Egypt, in order to use the produced power in the plant’s operation activities (saving 40% of electricity).
  • IRSC commissioned Environics to prepare a Scoped B EIA study for the project covering its different phases: construction, operation and decommissioning.
  • The scope of work included: reviewing relevant documents, conducting a site reconnaissance visit to have a clearer vision of the site-specific characteristics.
  • The study encompassed: description of the project, its components and different phases, analysis of alternatives, and description of the baseline environment including: the physical as well the socio-economic environments. The latest data on the various climatic elements were obtained from the nearest monitoring stations via Meteoblue site for 30-year averages, and also from Weatherbase site.
  • Moreover, the study described the relevant legal framework, assessed the potential environmental impacts and provided the proper mitigation measures, as well as developed the environmental management & monitoring plan.

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