EIA for a PV Power Plant Project at the Industrial Complex Area of 10th of Ramadan City

  • Soltaj for Solar Energy established a Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant (with a total capacity of 981 KW) in the industrial complex area of 10th of Ramadan City.  Some photovoltaic modules were installed on the project’s floor, while others were placed on the top of some already existing service buildings.   The project will supply electricity to the national grid under the Feed-in Tariff scheme (FiT).
  • Environics was commissioned to prepare the project’s EIA study that covered the different  project components (PV Modules and Electric Equipment) at both the operation and decommissioning phases.
  • The study aimed at assessing the project’s potential environmental impacts in its area of influence; identifying ways for improving the project’s environmental performance by preventing, minimizing or mitigating negative impacts and enhancing positive ones, as well as satisfying the environmental legal requirements.
  • The study provided a description of the project and its components, and a description of the baseline environment: physical, biological, and socio-economic.  Also, it encompassed an analysis of project alternatives, a summary of the environmental legislation and regulations of relevance to the project, an assessment of impacts and proper mitigation measures, as well as the Environmental Management and Monitoring plan.

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