EIA for Beet Sugar Production Plant in Menia

  • Canal Sugar Co. was establishing a project for Beet Sugar Production in the western desert area of Menia.  The company commissioned Environics to prepare an EIA study for the project.
  • The scope of work included construction and operation phases of the beet sugar production and raw sugar refining (in the period when the beet crop is not available).
  • The project encompassed the following basic components:
    • White sugar production from Beet & through raw sugar refining as well.
    • CO2 and milk of lime production unit.
    • Steam and Power generation units.
    • Service units including:
    • Storage Facilities (Tanks, silos, warehouses, etc.)
    • Industrial wastewater treatment unit.
    • Storage areas of limestone and wastes.
    • Laboratories and administrative offices.
    • Workshops.
  • Environics prepared the EIA study including: objective of the project and scope of the study, the relevant legal & administrative framework, project description (processes, inputs and outputs), description of the baseline environment, analysis of alternatives, assessment of environmental impacts & proper mitigation measures, as well as the environmental management and periodic monitoring plan and public consultation.

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