EIA for Amira Beach Village, Ras Sidr


ElNour Company for Tourism, S.A.E, commissioned Environics to carry out the EIA required for its project in Ras Sidr. The project comprised a tourism village at Ras Masalla, which included a four-star hotel, residence units, and services buildings. The company had submitted the EIA for the project to the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) in 2003. EEAA had some comments and the EIA required modification, additionally, the company intended to add new components to the project. Accordingly, the company decided to carry out a new, comprehensive EIA for the project.

Environics carried out site visits, field surveys, document reviews, and GIS mapping and updating to prepare the EIA study.

The study covered the existing components of the project, namely the infrastructure: the sanitary drainage station, the water and irrigation network, and the swimming pools, as well as the proposed components: a jetty and a marina for small boats.

The EIA studied the project’s baseline environment: Meteorology, oceanography, geology, geomorphology, bathymetry, and terrestrial and marine ecologies, as well as the socio-economic conditions.

The study discussed the project’s environmental impacts, recommended their mitigation measures, and presented the environmental management plan.

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