EIA studies for Galaxy Chemicals Plant, Ataqa Public Free Zone, Suez



ESIA for the proposed surfactants facility of Galaxy Chemicals Egypt Co in Suez

  • Galaxy Chemicals Egypt Co. was planning to construct a facility to produce surfactants in Attaqa Public Free Zone, Suez.  According to the national EIA guidelines, the proposed project was classified a category C project, which requires a full EIA that covers the construction and operation phases.
  • Galaxy Surfactants Ltd, India, the owner of the facility, contracted Environics to carry out an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the proposed project according to the Egyptian laws and regulations, and the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
  • Environics conducted a comprehensive document review, site investigations and surveys, and meetings with all concerned entities to prepare the ESIA, which comprised the construction and operation phases of the project.  The project’s components covered by the assessment were: the production units; the storage tanks of the products & raw materials; the industrial wastewater treatment plant, and the utilities, namely:  workshops; laboratories; air compressor cooling towers; boilers; water treatment unit; warehouses, and transformer.
  • The ESIA included:
    • The relevant legal and regulatory framework.
    • Description of the project, its processes, & utilities.
    • Specification of all elements of the project’s baseline environment, which involved air quality and noise measurements and analyses, and full accounts of the geological and morphological features, and the biological environment.
    • Analysis of the project’s alternatives.
    • Assessment of the potential environmental impacts and their mitigation measures.
    • Environmental Management & Monitoring Plan.
    • Assessment of the social impacts.


 EIA for the expansions in the production activities

  • Environics prepared an EIA for the project to expand the production activities and modify some processes.
  • Site visits & document reviews were conducted to develop the EIA study, which, according to the Egyptian regulations, was a category (B) study.
  • It covered the construction & operation phases, discussed project’s alternatives, analyzed impacts & presented the Environmental Management Plan.

EIA for the increase in the production capacity of the  surfactants and sunscreen products

  • Environics prepared EIA study – Form A for the proposed project to increase the production capacity of surfactants and sunscreen products.
  • The plant had already received the approval of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) of its environmental studies and has been functioning accordingly.
  • The study covered the construction and operation phases.  It encompassed the relevant legal framework, the analysis of environmental impacts as well as the Environmental Management Plan.


 EIA for the production of (BKC)

  • Environics prepared an EIA study – Form B for the planned project to produce Benzyl Konium Chloride (BKC) at the operating plant.
  • The study addressed the project description, and the environmental laws and regulations relevant to the project. It also assessed the environmental impacts, recommended appropriate mitigation measures for each impact, and developed the Environmental Management & Monitoring Plan.


Scoped EIA for New Extensions

  • Environics carried out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) Scoped-B for the following extensions:
    • Drying unit for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS),
    • Addition of tanks for chemical substances,
    • A reverse osmosis (RO) unit for recycling of treated waste water to re-use in cooling towers.
  • The study encompassed: a background on the proposed project; scope and objectives of the EIA study, Identification and outlining of the applicable regulatory framework, project and processes description, description of the baseline environment in the project area, project alternatives, as well as assessment of the potential environmental impacts & their mitigation measures and outline of the environmental management and monitoring plan (EMMP) for the proposed project.
  • In addition, Environics provided technical support to the client during EEAA review period.


 Scoped EIA studies for additional New Extensions

  • Environics prepared Scoped (B) EIA studies for proposed extensions inside the perimeters of the existing facility to meet market demands and customer needs.
  • Environics reviewed the relevant project documents, conducted visits to Galaxy site to investigate the location of the intended extensions, as well as analyzed the provided latest measurements and results of stack emissions, workplace (emissions, noise, heat stress and illumination) and wastewater.
  • Environics prepared the scoped studies, which encompassed: descriptions of the projects, scope and objectives, description of the processes, utilities, inputs and outputs; Summary of the applicable regulatory framework, and a description of the baseline environment.
  • The studies included analyses of project alternatives, assessments of potential environmental impacts and recommendation of proper mitigation measures, as well as outlines of Environmental Management & Monitoring Plans (EMMP).

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