Environmental Studies for Makadi Bay


Marine Survey & Study of Marine Environment

  • Environics was commissioned by Mirage Co. for Hotels & Touristic Development to carry out a marine survey to assess the marine environment and study the impact of drainage of desalination water on the environment at a touristic resort in Makadi Bay.
  • The survey divided the study area into five longitudinal sectors, and studied the marine biodiversity and reefs for each sector.
  • A map of the natural habitats of the area was developed.
  • The proposed locations of drainage pipes were investigated to determine the best alternative.
  • A bathymetric map was developed for the best pipeline route, as well as the area opposite the touristic resort.

Scoped EIA for Brine Discharge

  • Environics prepared a scoped EIA study to assess the potential environmental impacts due to the construction and operation of a new pipeline for the discharge of desalination water in Makadi bay.
  • The study was based mainly on the field visit and marine survey that were conducted earlier by Environics, and a previously prepared Mathematical Model, as well as review of relevant research and publications and use of Satellite images to prepare illustrative maps.
  • Environics provided a description of the project components and proposed works, examined the environmental policies, laws and legislations relevant to the project, and investigated the characteristics of the natural environment in the project area including: climate, marine characteristics, marine biology, and the socio-economic characteristics.  Moreover, it analysed alternatives, assessed potential environmental impacts and recommended proper mitigation measures, as well as developed the environmental management and monitoring plan to guarantee sustainability of the project.

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