Environmental Studies for Suma Bay, North Safaga, Hurgada


Aquamarine Co. (one of Travco group of companies) was in the process of establishing a touristic development project at Suma Bay, North of Safaga.  The project was integrated development to include villas; apartment buildings; hotel rooms; recreational activities and water games; central services and beach activities zone; green areas and workers accommodation.


IEIA for the tourism development project

  • Environics was commissioned to prepare the Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment Study (IEIA) for the project which considered all environmental aspects at the design phase of the project.
  • The IEIA encompassed the following:
    • Comprehensive project description including the integrated tourism project & the leading project.
    • Legislative framework & relevant international conventions.
    • Baseline physical, biological & socio-economic environmental aspects.
    • Analysis of project alternatives.
    • Environmental & social impact assessment.
    • Environmental management & monitoring plan.


Marine Environment & Bathymetric Study for the construction & operation of a Marina on Piles

  • Environics carried out a marine survey and prepared a bathymetric study for the tourist yacht marina on piles that was to be added to the project and that covered:
    • Description of the marine environment.
    • Hydrology & bathymetry of the study area.
    • Environmental profile of the study area.
    • Alternatives for the marina location and recommendations.

Scoped EIA for the Marina  on Piles

  • Environics prepared a Scoped EIA study for the construction & operation of the proposed Marina which aimed at:
    • Providing an overview of the proposed marina and its components.
    • Providing description of receiving environment where the project will be implemented.
    • Determining the potential environmental impacts that might arise.
    • Outlining the options for Environmental Management and sustainable development.
  • Environics used and analyzed satellite images, compiled previous available studies & reports  and reviewed climate data to  identify the different features of the area.  It  relied on the extensive marine survey and bathymetric study it had carried out few months earlier, as part of the required studies for the project.
  • The scoped EIA encompassed: a general background on the project, objectives & methodology of the study, description of the proposed marina & main utilities, and the laws & legislations relevant to the project.
  • It also included analysis of project alternatives to determine the environmentally appropriate location for the marina and assessed the potential environmental impacts & recommended the proper mitigation measures, as well as developed the Environmental Management & Monitoring Plan.

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